When one sees a headline that says “Environmental hazard: space junk,” one might assume the article will be about the environmental hazards of space junk. One would be mistaken, as the article is about the potential danger of spacecraft being hit by space junk. An issue in some circles, surely, but “environmental hazard”? Might I suggest to the Boston Globe headline writer that “Junk in the trunk” might have been better?

Luckily, a reader feeling disgruntled over having been eco-misled can link from the space junk article to the the highly adorable “Hamster, snake best friends at Tokyo zoo.” Aochan the snake was given Gohan the hamster (whose name means “meal”) as a tasty treat, but elected to make her his buddy instead. They live together in a cardboard box and sometimes snuggle up to take naps.

Yay! Cute animal stories make me happy. Plus you can link from snake-hearts-hamster to fun human-interest story “Man trapped in toilet when lock freezes.” The world is a terribly interesting place.

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