Air and water quality in Athens, Greece — home of the upcoming 2004 Summer Olympics — is considerably worse today than it was in 1896, the last time the city hosted the games. In an effort headlined by Jean-Michael Cousteau (son of the famed oceanographer Jacques), environmentalists are trying to clean up the city by planting trees, persuading manufacturing companies to reduce emissions, and instituting environmental education programs in schools. Located in a smog-trapping basin (much like Los Angeles), Athens has some of the worst air pollution in the world — so bad that it may dissuade some athletes from participating in certain events. “The only thing that steers me away from running the marathon in Athens is the air quality,” said U.S. runner and 2004 Olympian Deena Drossin. “My lungs have been good to me all these years, so I don’t want to brutalize them.”