In a recent post on the four shifts in public policy that would have the greatest positive impact on the environment, number one was the elimination of natural resource subsidies. Every year, when I cover these subsidies in my environmental economics class, it amazes me that societies around the world continue to tolerate such vast abuses and wastes of money. They do so primarily because most people don’t know about them (to educate yourself check here [PDF] and here), which is why I have decided to begin a campaign to lobby for their elimination.

This is an issue that should have broad bipartisan support, since those on the right who support free markets cannot justify such vast corporate welfare, and environmentalists naturally oppose them. So here’s my request: help me come up with a catchy slogan for such a campaign, since capturing public attention is key.

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Below are the results of about fifteen minutes of my musing:

  • Campaign to end environmentally destructive corporate welfare
  • Campaign for free markets in natural resources
  • Campaign to end environmentally harmful subsidies
  • The #1 enemy of the environment: corporate welfare
  • Protect the environment, end corporate welfare!
  • Let the free market work, end natural resource subsidies!
  • Protect the environment, end natural resource subsidies!
  • Go green, oppose natural resource subsidies!
  • Believe in free markets? Oppose natural resource subsidies!
  • Want to protect the environment? Support true free markets!

Got a better suggestion?

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