Lightning in a Bottle DJ

Missed the Coachella Express but still on board for a summerful of sustainable-ish music fests?

Check out Rothbury, dubbed the “party with a purpose.” The festival, which has attracted an impressive lineup including Dave Matthews Band, Widespread Panic, John Mayer, Snoop Dogg, and Modest Mouse, will be held Fourth of July weekend in Rothbury, Mich.

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According to their website, Rothbury’s goal is to “harness the unique energy of the live music community into a durable social movement toward an important cause” — that cause being climate change and clean energy alternatives. How are they planning to rock such a hefty mission statement? They say they’re aiming for a near-zero waste event. (Something I find hard to believe, having seen the wastelands left after such an event …) But A for effort.

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They’re also committed to the usual greening tools: composting, recycling, clean energy, and carbon offsets (supported in part by “green ticket” sales). In addition to the offsets, though, they’ll be outfitting a local high school with free solar panels.

One other unique initiative I’m curious about is an effort to eliminate nasty butts … cigarette butts, that is. They’ll be handing out “personal ashtrays” for festival-goers to use post-smoke; I’m imagining they’ll be something like this.

Looking for something less jam-band and more Cirque du Soleil?

Perhaps Lightning in a Bottle is more up your alley. Held in the mountains of Santa Barbara over Memorial Day weekend, the Do Lab‘s “magical forest adventure” seems to be more art-focused — though it’s still got the eco-minded mission. Last year’s green report is available online [PDF].

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Here’s a short video about the festival: