I generally don’t read business books.  Eight years of government work–TQM! ISO9000! ISTJ–and I had enough acronymn-based solutions for a lifetime.  But Adam Werbach sent me his latest, Strategy for Sustainability, and darned if I didn’t spend half my trip home from visiting my folks reading it, and the other half scribbling notes in my work journal, wondering if I need to start going about things in a new way.  I haven’t cracked my work journal in 6 moths, been so busy catching up with yesterday’s do-list.  I’m only halfway through, but it’s been thought-provoking so far.

Some other things I’m reading.  Toby Barlow’s Sharp Teeth.  It’s set in LA … about a dogcatcher … who falls in love with a werewolf.  If that premise doesn’t get you, how about this: it’s written in free verse.  And it’s freakin fantastic. 

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Lethal Vintage, the lastest installment in my friend Nadia Gordon’s Sunny McCoskey series.  Sunny has a restaurant in Napa Valley, cooks by day, and solves mysteries by night.  If you are a fan of the genre, I recommend it highly.  Plus, the chicken dish Sunny cooks is my recipe.

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