I spent most of my time in Utah almost seeing stars. Hung out with a biofuels enthusiast that Ed Begley Jr. had hung out with the day before. Rode in a car that chauffeured Bradley Whitford the previous two days. Touched a poster that Justin Timberlake would touch just the next day. Sigh.

An update (complete with photos of celebrities that I did not touch) came in today from Ice Lounge organizing-marketer-guy Scott Samson. Thanks to donations from Sundance highrollers (stars I did not touch among them), The Conservation Fund offset more than 10,500 tons of carbon dioxide by planting approximately 7,200 trees in wildlife refuges. And my ride in the shiny silver spy car made my eco-savvy-celeb stalking carbon neutral. Weeee!

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Justin Timberlake

I touched this. And then Justin Timberlake did. If only he’d give me some carbon neutral in a box.

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