I have been remiss in not posting about this earlier:

On July 11-12, one of the leading lights of the eco-blogosphere, Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of Sustainablog, will be celebrating his blog’s two-year anniversary by "Blogging ‘Round the Clock." Yes, that means what you think it means: Jeff will be posting continuously for 24 hours. (Those familiar with the quantity and range of Sustainablog’s content might already assume he never sleeps, but apparently he occasionally does.)

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In addition to Jeff’s own writing, he’ll be publishing guest posts from other eco-bloggers, including yours truly and folks from Worldchanging and Greenbiz.

But this is not just to celebrate a blog. Jeff is asking readers to sign up and donate — on a per-post basis — to the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Earthways Center, an outreach and education center in St. Louis that gets people fired up about sustainability.

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Sign up to give Jeff $.50, $.25, or even just a dime a post. It’s for a good cause, and a good blog.