I wrote Terry Tamminen a few days ago and offered him a venue to defend his support for hydrogen cars, which is taking quite a beating in comments. Here’s his response:

Hi David,
I’ve looked over the various comments on hydrogen and rather than comment back, it’s all covered in the book. It’s not a subject that lends itself to quick simplistic challenges or answers. Like most disruptive technologies, it’s complicated and takes some time to understand (for those willing to invest the time, it’s rewarding). I’d refer readers to the book and to Amory Lovins’ Rocky Mountain Institute for more info. One overarching comment — we will never end the oil addiction (something you can be sure Exxon is counting on) if we vilify one alternative versus another. My one gripe with “Who Killed the Electric Car” was the film’s need to attack hydrogen (with simplistic, outdated arguments) as if that would move people to a conclusion in favor of battery-electrics. We will need all technologies to displace oil in our lifetimes – – that’s the goal, not whether one costs relatively more or less, etc.