Contaminants found in the tap water in California’s largest cities could pose risks to children, pregnant women, and people with compromised immune systems, according to a new study from the Natural Resources Defense Council. The findings in the report, “What’s on Tap,” were the result of a review of tap-water data from 19 cities in the U.S., but so far only the California results have been released; Los Angeles and San Francisco were among the municipalities whose water supplies were found to be tainted by deteriorating pipes and pollution from farm and industrial sources. The study also noted the presence of arsenic and the chemical perchlorate in the drinking water of Los Angeles and San Diego, respectively, although both levels were within federal limits. Fresno’s water gave even more cause for concern, with traces of nitrates, pesticides, and industrial chemicals. The release of the report coincides with an upcoming California ballot measure that would authorize water-treatment funds.