Is it Monday again? It seems just like yesterday we were celebrating “Flame! I Wanna Log Forever’s” victory over “Silly Rabbit, Toxics Aren’t for Kids!”

So, let’s find out which witty headline won last week’s rumble … [drum roll] … and it’s “Freeport Your Mine, and Unrest Will Follow,” with 39% of the vote. Damn! I was hoping for “They Got Seoul But They’re Not Eco-Soldiers” — proof that these bouts are not rigged.

Moving on …

After I revealed that I normally choose one headline from each Daily Grist of a given week, I was informed that this just ain’t right. It was explained to me that the Grist headline-generating machine has its good and bad days. Apparently Monday of last week was a good day. Thus, each of the seven Daily Grist headlines from Monday, March 27, is up for contention.

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So, here are the nominees:

  1. Tiiiiiime Is on Our Side, Yes It Is: Time cover story propels global warming into the mainstream
  2. Ebb and Fla.: An interview with Michael Grunwald about his new Everglades book
  3. Oh Say, Can You, Seattle?: Seattle commission unveils recommendations for meeting Kyoto goals
  4. Oceans Delve: Umbra on measuring ocean temperatures
  5. E-Waste Not, E-Want Not: Washington Gov. Gregoire signs far-reaching e-recycling law
  6. Garden of Edens: Jason Edens, rural solar advocate, InterActivates
  7. Bait and Switchgrass: New coal-powered ethanol plant a sign of things to come

Okay, voting time!

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