Ladies and gentleman, we have a tie! Last week, both “Tiiiiiime Is on Our Side, Yes It Is” and “Bait and Switchgrass” garnered 34% of the vote (until some smart aleck casts another).

Here are the next batch of nominees:

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  1. Guster’s Last Stand: The barnstorming band that’s changing the world, one campus at a time
  2. Enthuse Your Curbism: Two new nature books for city slickers
  3. Good Mennonite, and Good Luck: Discovery of oil in Belize leads to craziness all around
  4. Waddle They Do Now?: Global warming also affects — noooooooo! — penguins
  5. We’ve Got Poll, and We’re Super Bad: Polls find Americans worried about energy and climate problems


Sorry, the poll you are seeking no longer exists. If you’re in a voting mood, suggest a poll and you might just see it on the site.

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