People from across the spectrum have been working for years against the Keystone XL pipeline because we thought it would lock us into decades more of climate-changing dirty energy.  But it turns out, according to the TransCanada Facebook ad that’s been popping up in many of our feeds lately, we got it all backwards:

Keystone FB

The Keystone XL pipeline is ACTUALLY a bunch of solar panels!  Who knew?!?!

I wish this deceptive, manipulative ad were surprising rather than fitting into a larger pattern of deception that has characterized this project. The truth is that America doesn’t need this oil; fossil fuel companies need it.  And they’re betting on Americans being fooled easily by shameless ploys.

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If snake oil powered cars, these folks would be even richer. But I’m not buying it, and I will proudly keep using my solar panels (which save me 30% compared to regular electric rates here in D.C.) and my U.S. made plug-in electric.

49% of America’s new energy last year was clean energy like the solar depicted in the tar sands pipeline ad. I’ll stick with that, and keep working to stop the snakeoil KXL Tar Sands Pipeline.