And finally, completing our tour of tomorrow’s NYT, The Mustache of Understanding points out that even though the government has not launched the much-discussed Manhattan Project for energy, there is in fact a “distributed Manhattan Project” going on as we speak, powered by American entrepreneurs:

Not a day goes by now that I don’t get a letter from some start-up that wants me to write about how it is turning trash, corn, sugar, coal, manure, hydrogen, waves, wood chips, wind, sunlight or switch grass into power.

The major industrial country that gets the greenest the fastest, with the smartest technologies — that’s the country that will lead the 21st century. We’ve got the innovators; we’ve got the venture capitalists. If only we had the government that would create the right market conditions [the Mustache wants a “gas or carbon tax”] and then get out of the way.

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(Small sidenote to MoU: You can’t turn hydrogen into power. But I like your spirit!)

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