The next big vote on renewable energy won’t take place in Washington. It will take place in Phoenix.

Some time this summer, the five commissioners on the Arizona Corporation Commission will vote on a proposed rule to significantly expand renewable energy in Arizona — 15% renewables by 2025, 30% of that from distributed-generation resources like solar. We are talking on the order of up to 1,800 MW of solar: a very big deal. The emissions reductions are roughly equivalent to removing 1 million cars from the road — not to mention jumpstarting the clean technologies of the future.

There is a precarious 3-2 majority on the Commission right now, and the usual suspects are gearing up opposition.

There’s a public comment period culminating in a public meeting on May 23. Demonstrating the public mandate for renewable energy is critical. We’ve set up a petition — if you live in Arizona, here’s your chance to stand up and be counted. Or no complaining later.

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