Evangelical leaders launch new campaign to fight global warming

Eighty-six evangelical Christian leaders have joined together to launch an “Evangelical Climate Initiative” and call for federal legislation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions via a cap-and-trade market system. This move comes after 22 evangelical leaders — including Bush-friendly political heavyweights James Dobson and Charles Colson — warned the National Association of Evangelicals against issuing just such a statement earlier this month. The NAE didn’t sign on to the new statement, but its president Ted Haggard says he’s personally convinced global warming is real and dangerous, and NAE VP Richard Cizik helped persuade other leaders — including best-selling author and megachurch leader Rick Warren — to get on board. The initiative plans to spread its message via programs at churches and Christian colleges and an ad campaign in targeted states. Says a planned TV ad, “The good news is that with God’s help, we can stop global warming, for our kids, our world, and for the Lord.” Hallelujah!