Artist Colin Selig makes benches for municipal buildings and parks — and, of course, for rich people’s private courtyards, because a guy’s gotta eat — out of recycled propane tanks and car parts. The bench above is made from a 1968 El Camino. Here’s one of his propane tank benches:

And here’s his process:

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Propane tanks are a nearly endless resource, since they have built-in obsolescence — as long as we use propane for stuff, we’ll need to hold it in tanks, and we’ll need to retire those tanks when they start to corrode. (You’re not allowed to repair propane tanks, at least not if you’re going to keep using them for propane.) Junked cars, too, can be found all around the globe. So we’d love to see Selig’s work get picked up by more municipalities for their public parks. But this kind of craftsmanship probably costs a badillion dollars, so struggling cities will probably just make us sit on unaltered propane tanks and car chassis instead.

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