Looking at these early 20th century nature drawings is kind of like (what I imagine) going on a bad acid trip (would be like). They start out all fun and colorful, and the world just seems amaaaaazing and full of beautiful creatures.


E. Haeckel

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But then everything starts to get creepy …

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And oh, shit! Bugs! That plant is going to eat you! What’s the deal with that creepy round frog that looks like it came from Wonderland? It has a mustache, and it looks like a human head, with frog legs instead of a body and …


Then you realize that all of these drawings came from a book by German zoologist Ernst Haeckel, who, while an accomplished illustrator, also had some pretty messed-up ideas about race and evolution that may or may not have influenced the Nazi Party. And you swear that you’ll never look at early 20th century nature drawings again.