Bush just debuted a new swing-state campaign ad called “Wolves.”  You can watch it on his website. It shows a pack of wolves prowling through a dark forest, makes the usual bogus claims about Kerry cutting intelligence budgets (and fails to note that Bush’s hand-picked new CIA head Porter Goss actually did propose huge cuts), and concludes that “weakness attracts those who are waiting to do America harm.”  In other words:  A vote for Kerry is a vote for terrorists eating you.

The ironies are rich.  This comes from an administration that has pushed to downlist wolves from the endangered species list. If they see wolves as the terrorists of the wild, I guess it’s no surprise. But I wonder where they found the wolves for the ad … perhaps outsourced to Canadian wolves?  And were any harmed in the making of the ad? Where’s Defenders of Wildlife when you need ’em?

UPDATE: Check out this hilarious follow-up from Wolf Packs for Truth.

UPDATE: Gary Wockner of the Colorado Wolf Working Group is not amused by this ad. At all. He says so here.

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