This is our kind of Christmas miracle story.

Four years ago, Bud Shaefer got a bike for Christmas. Now, a bike is a pretty traditional Christmas gift, but not if you’re 82 years old. At first, Shaefer was skeptical, but he decided to try biking. It took.

Soon, he was riding every day. It was fun, and it got him exercising. He wore out a set of tires. And finally, he got one of the oldest green jobs there is: delivering newspapers by bike.

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His route isn’t particularly taxing — he delivers 37 afternoon papers each afternoon. He lives in Minnesota, and on snowy days, he plans to use his car. But give him a break! He’s 86 years old now. Although maybe this Christmas he’ll get some hardcore winter biking gear and decide to give it a whirl. You never know what Santa will bring.

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