I tried to think of a way to be snarky about this thing but it’s just not going to work. I am so glad that Anton Willis made this 25-pound fold-up kayak because he got sick of being unable to fit his kayak in his apartment. This thing is seriously so cool, so innovative, and makes a previously sort of pain-in-the-ass sport so totally worth it. And — best — you can now order one of these for $800 on Kickstarter.

[protected-iframe id=”30aa7c35254d89b6fa59b683ab62d09e-5104299-30178935″ info=”http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1975288517/oru-kayak-the-origami-folding-boat/widget/video.html” width=”460″ height=”345″]

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Willis was actually inspired by origami, but it took him four years and several tries before he found a design, and the right material, that worked. Amazingly, this kayak folds down to a case that weighs only 25 pounds and measures 33 inches by 29 inches by 9 inches — too big to pass as carry-on luggage, but small enough to be easily maneuvered. Five minutes to put the thing together and, as long as you weigh less than 260 pounds, you’re ready to go. Other good news? This fold-able little buddy is recyclable and uses a lot less petroleum than his stiffer, more uptight, friends.

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