NirnrootClick to embiggen/boggle at.

It took me a while to find the source for this mindbending photo, which has been going around the internet labeled as a pic from Sandy. I kind of suspected it of being an old picture getting new life through spurious association with current events, though I probably still would have posted it, because WHOA. But it appears to be the work of Reddit user Nirnroot, who doesn’t say where he lives — clearly somewhere that was hit hard enough for tree damage, but not hard enough to make jokes turn to ashes in the mouth. He does give the useful context that he was resting “93% of my body weight” on his hand to create this optical illusion.

Some Reddit theories about the pic:

  • “He’s standing upright, and Sandy turned the entire backyard sideways.”
  • “It probably wasn’t even Sandy that uprooted the tree. It was [Nirnroot].”
  • “No, it was Sandy. But bro was breathing so hard while lifting that he created Sandy.”

Anyway, dude either has amazing core strength or lives in a freaky sideways universe. Enjoy.

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