Man, I love a good “unlikely animal friends” story! Even when it ends with the two friends being *sniff* separated because *sniffff* they’ll be safer apart WAAAAAAAAAAAA OK I lied. I like these things much better when the unlikely pals get to stay together forever. But this story of star-crossed animal buddies is still extremely sweet.

Ella the deer had been wandering around the Kansas City cemetery where she was born for about a year, after her mother was hit by a car. But when this stray pup showed up, Ella didn’t feel that her territory was being challenged. Instead, she seems to have thought “oh cool, I have a dog now.” The two have been inseparable ever since, but cemetery officials were worried that the dog wouldn’t survive the winter. So they brought him (I think it’s a him?) to a local no-kill shelter.

I have to admit that, even though I find this story really poignant, I laughed a lot at the part in the above video where they asked a cemetery trustee how Ella reacted to seeing her friend taken away. “Ella just stood there and was looking at the van that was taking the pooch off,” he said. Yeah. She’s a deer. They don’t really have facial expressions.

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Ideally, the pup will get adopted by a really nice family who will take him back to visit his cervine friend. Or perhaps, even more ideally, he’ll get adopted by a really nice family of deer.

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