Recently I got suckered into a 12-week trial of my daily paper. I wasn’t sure I could maintain the pace — and honestly, since my job requires me to be online all day, I wasn’t sure I was really missing that much news.

But I’m doing my best to keep up with the onslaught of ink, and I’m making some interesting discoveries. Yesterday’s edition, for instance, featured not one but two conservative comic strips poking fun at broad acceptance of humans’ role in global warming. Mallard Fillmore blamed it on the media, while Prickly City blamed it on the “church of the unquestionable paradigm.”

Now, I admit I’m a some-time fan of Doonesbury, whose flaming liberalism was deemed so out of place in my hometown paper that it ran on the op-ed pages. So I shouldn’t get prickly about politics invading the funnies. On the other hand: do illustrators Bruce Tinsley and Scott Stantis — who both hail from the South, as it happens — really claim to know more about science than, you know, scientists? Now that’s a laugh.

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