climate kudos

GristEditor: So what’s the deal with climate kudos/finger this week? Got any ideas?

Reporter@Grist: Stop bugging me. Watching cat videos.

GristEditor: seriously, we gotta publish this on fri. need your ideas.

Reporter@Grist: argh. … ok. hold on.

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GristEditor: I was thinking Hillary Clinton for planning to jump on the climate/China issue

Reporter@Grist: Boooooooring

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Reporter@Grist: Barbara Boxer should definitely get finger for that screwed up roads package she’s cosponsoring with Inhofe.


climate finger

GristEditor: That’s so inside baseball. Plus, Boxer outlined her climate principles this week — deserves a kudo for that.

Reporter@Grist: Not really. Boxer’s “principles” very vague.

Reporter@Grist: how ’bout the Senate for passing that dumbass amendment to give money to people to buy cars?

GristEditor: But that might be good if $ spent to buy hybrids or electric vehics.

Reporter@Grist: Sigh. Hey, you want to avoid inside baseball? How about Molson? Bad beer, good climate record.

GristEditor: Salazar for reversing the Utah oil leases?

GristEditor: Lugar for writing an op-ed arguing for increasing the gas tax?

GristEditor: Finger to the Czech PM for perpetuating skeptic line?

Reporter@Grist: Yeah, maybe.

GristEditor: geez. maybe we just blow it off this week …

Reporter@Grist: :-)

GristEditor: not funny.