More signs that the tipping point on climate has arrived:

In a Christian Science Monitor article today: “The ground is shifting on the politics of climate change faster than I would have thought,” said Alex Flint, GOP staff director of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, at a press breakfast sponsored by The Energy Daily and BP America on Friday.

And as The Boston Globe reports: “The chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, Pete V. Domenici, is considering whether to team up with a fellow New Mexican, Senator Jeff Bingaman, a Democrat, on [a] proposal that would cap [greenhouse-gas] emissions but allow companies to buy their way out if the cost of reducing emissions proves to be prohibitively high.” (More on Bingaman’s plan here.)

“We’re thrilled at the interest being shown by Republicans at doing something that’s achievable and doable,” said Bill Wicker, a Bingaman spokesman.

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