U.K. to Increase Recycling of Junk Mail 70 Percent Over 10 Years

The U.S. has finally got a “Do Not Call” registry to ward off would-be telemarketers — but will it ever get a “Do Not Mail” registry to stem the endless tide of junk mail? Maybe not, but across the Atlantic, the U.K. is taking steps to limit the environmental impact of unwanted mail. At present, about 21 billion items of junk mail are sent to British citizens every year. Under a plan announced yesterday, the British government will work with the direct-mail industry to increase the percentage of that mail that is recycled, from 13 percent this year to 70 percent in 10 years. To reach that goal, the 900 members of Britain’s Direct Mail Association will refine their targeting of direct mail, make their materials easier to recycle, and work with local authorities to improve recycling facilities.