It’s a banner day in celebrity “journalism,” y’all. Two out of the three items in TMZ’s Party Favors section were environment-related:

“Monster Garage” host Jesse James was slapped with a $271,250 fine by California air regulators, claiming his custom bikes didn’t comply with the state’s clean-air laws. The bikes were spewing 10 times the legal limits of hydrocarbons … While traveling to the U.S. to receive an environmental award, Prince Charles opted to take a commercial plane instead of his private jet because he didn’t want his visit to cause unnecessary pollution … An escaped prisoner who stole singer Crystal Gayle’s tour bus was arrested in Daytona Beach after a five-day manhunt.

OK, OK, the banner day was actually Sunday — can I help it if I’ve been too busy going to class to keep up with my gossip blog reading? (And yes, that is the stale stench of martyrdom in the air.)