Rumblings and grumblings are afoot that the big TXU deal is not quite the unqualified victory for environmentalists that some enthusiastic bloggers made it out to be. I have neither the time nor inclination nor knowledge to get into the weeds of finance deals — numbers are not my thing, to put it mildly — but apparently there are intimations of insider trading from the SEC and charges of selling out from grassroots green groups. There’s some question whether TXU was planning on canceling the eight plants already, and whether ED and NRDC were snookered. Also, there’s a real chance TXU could receive and accept an alternative buyout offer, and the whole thing could become moot.

The RAN blog has a decent summary of the current state of play here.

Perhaps all you smart folks out in the audience can add links or commentary on this matter. Consider this a TXU bleg!

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