On a blog about "professional presentation design" — yes, there is such a thing — Garr Reynolds posts about Duarte Design, the outfit that helped Al Gore design his now-famous climate-science slideshow. It includes a short interview with Nancy Duarte, the co-founder. Quite interesting.

Even better, the post led me to "Unseen Al Gore Campaign Video" (part one; part two), which consists of footage director Spike Jonze shot just before the 2000 campaign started in earnest. I can’t recommend the videos highly enough — they’re fascinating. They show Gore at home, flirting with his wife, getting razzed by his daughters, joking about the campaign … it’s the first thing I’ve seen that really shows him as he is: a middle-aged family man who cares about public service. I wish they could have gotten circulated more widely in 2000. Check them out.