I got to thinking (again) about an elevator pitch for greens — the "What Greens Want" that can be explained in a short elevator ride. Ideally the message would be simple enough to communicate, but meaty enough to imply some real choices and policies.

The second part of my Tom Paine piece is an attempt to formulate one, and trace some of the implications.

The message is this: use renewably generated electricity, efficiently. I’m going to call it URGE2, make it a "meme" on the internets, and cash in on some serious merch sales. Branding, baby. Say hello to early retirement!

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Anyhoo, the four main things that fall out of URGE2 (imagine a metal-guitar power chord in the background every time you say it) are as follows:

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  1. Mine negawatts, i.e., focus on efficiency.
  2. Electrify, i.e., shift all liquid-fuel uses over to electricity.
  3. Kill coal, i.e., coal is the enemy of the human race.
  4. Upgrade the grid, i.e., focus on energy storage and decentralization (this section was originally called "pimp my infrastructure," but, uh, TP had better sense).

URGE2 [metal chord]! Live the dream!

Please give the piece a read. I’m curious to hear all of your reactions.