Seattle births hip, witty, best-ever-in-the-universe green magazine

Seattle has become an epicenter for environmentally themed web ventures — an appropriately green characteristic of the so-called “Emerald City.” Heh heh. That’s the kind of witty juxtaposition you can expect to find in “Grist,” an inscrutably named but apparently quite humorous web magazine on all things green, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports today. Grist is known, particularly amongst its own staff members, for being funnier than the average eco-source, as reflected in its pun-laden headlines and its slogan, “gloom and doom with a sense of humor.” The magazine was born in 1999, the work of a crazy dreamer named Chip Giller who likes to stand on his head. “I can’t say [infusing it with humor] was a strategic decision,” says Giller. “It came more out of fatigue.” That sense of punch-drunk exhaustion has characterized the magazine ever since, as it has grown from humble origins to its slightly less humble current status as a big fish in the wee pond of the environmental internets. We’ve never checked out the site, personally, but you hippie types might like it.