It was a headline many took personally: “Vegetarians Are Ruining the Planet.”

As we know from the source article for our news blurb — and from the many readers who wrote in to emphasize this particular point — about 80 percent of the world’s soy goes to feed livestock, much of which is then eaten by non-vegetarians.

So yes, meat-eaters, dog-food purchasers, leather-jacket wearers, and other sundry livestock end-users thus are about four-fifths at fault for destroying the soy-deadened parts of the Amazon.

But chew on this: inadvertently helping to destroy even 20 percent of these vast Amazonian tracts is still helping to destroy the planet, is it not? Alas, we’re all playing a part — though veggies less so than meat-eaters in this instance (particularly ones who make sure their soy patties and tofu nuggets are certified organic).

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Anyhow, we are sincerely sorry that the headline offended many of you, dear readers. We thought, in our innocence, that it was such a clearly ridiculous assertion that it would be taken in jest. We’ve nothing against vegetarians, we swear — in fact, we’ve even let some of them infiltrate our ranks.

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