Former Clinton Officials Gear Up to Fight Bush on Environment

A group of prominent ex-Clintonites — including former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and former EPA Administrator Carol Browner — are teaming up with enviros to raise money for a campaign that will bash Bush’s environmental record in swing states. The Environment 2004 effort (clever name, eh?) will buy ads, schedule speakers, and conduct voter education in a handful of states where the 2004 presidential race is expected to be darn close: Florida, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Oregon, for starters. The group has amassed only $500,000 in donations and pledges so far, but it intends to reach the $5 million mark. Browner acknowledged that the environment is not a top concern for all voters, but, she said, “There are certain voters — especially among women and swing voters — that this issue is an important issue, and it can certainly frame their opinion about the election.” For a whole lot more on elections and the environment, check out “Electoral Collage,” Grist‘s latest special edition.