This mysterious package, sealed up on Aug. 26, 1912, has been kept in a museum in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway, for the last 100 years. Curators there have no idea what was inside it, and know only a little about the man — a local political figure — who packaged it up. But they’re finding out RIGHT NOW. (Well, they’re giving out awards and doing traditional dances right now, but soon, time capsule!)

Here’s a video about the enigmatic parcel, which may kind of make you wish they weren’t opening it:

I feel like it would be more interesting to leave the package alone and simply speculate about what’s inside — a cat that’s both alive and dead? A solution to global warming? Mitt Romney’s tax records? But if you prefer to collapse the waveform, here’s the live feed of Norwegian speeches, traditional dances, and eventually, package-opening:

I’ll post here once they’ve opened it, too, to fill you in on what was inside.

Update, 1:37 ET: “There’s no gold, no silver, no oil companies in the United States … just a lot of papers.”

Update, 1:41 ET: A very nice scarf! Also some accounts ledgers, and as Philip Bump put it, “fucking newspapers.”

Exhibit A: A nice scarf!

Exhibit B: Accounts ledgers!

Exhibit C: Fucking newspapers!