If Mitt Romney ever decides to trade in his SUV for a bike, we have found the perfect accessory for him: the Fairdale Dograck.


Fairdale, an Austin-based bike shop, writes:

Until now there has been no perfect solution for attaching a dog to a bicycle … Borrowing on the success of our skaterack and looking for a superior solution to carrying a dog with a bicycle (better than a basket or trailer), Fairdale has been hard at work {today}.

Good for small dogs:


Not so much for big dogs:


Also not suitable for people who don’t know how Photoshop works. Fairdale:

Update: Really!! Far too many people are leaving annoyed comments. C’mon..it’s a joke!!!! It’s a photoshop (and purposely bad photoshop!! I mean, a 130lb lab on a saddle bag?) No dog was ever even lifted off the ground. It’s a computer program that lets you cut out photos and paste the over other photos … We love dogs here. Always have. Our office is full of them.

But, really, no one show this to Mitt Romney, because we are not sure he knows what Photoshop is and he would probably try to find someone to build him one. (Obviously, he wouldn’t pay Fairdale for it, on the same principle that led him to shun overpriced Perrier at a restaurant, buy a case across the street, and sneak it onto the table like a teenager sneaking a flask of liquor into a bar.)