Not much else to say about this treehouse, which will be part of the E’terra resort in Ontario, Canada. It’s just really, really pretty, both inside and outside. The new Samara section of the resort will have 12 of these structures, which are designed to look like seedpods and be sort of visually harmonious with their natural surroundings.

Of course, staying in one of E’terra’s more terrestrial suites costs upwards of $525 a night, so we’re guessing these lofty accommodations will be similarly spendy. And it’s not clear if there will be a bathroom or if you’ll have to climb all the way down (or pee off the side?). Annnnd OK it’s not totally clear how you get up there in the first place? Is there a ladder? Are the kind of people who spend $525 a night to stay at an “eco-resort” really gonna climb up a ladder on a tree? BUT WHATEVER because look at this thing, it’s like a fairy palace! Logistics be damned.

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