You’re probably wondering, who’s the spindly looking kid with the ironic glasses?

That kid is me at age 15. Back then, Grist was still a glimmer in my eye — and the glasses weren’t ironic.

Now Grist is turning 15, so I’m exploiting my younger self with the hope that you’ll be amused enough to make a donation. We’re shooting for 2,500 gifts in 15 days!

Reader donations have allowed Grist to accomplish so much over the years: We taught you how to talk to climate skeptics; we challenged presidential candidates to take a stand on the environment; and we demystified public utilities with the help of cute animals.

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Little did I know the hours spent typing high school newspaper articles on my Wang computer were some of the first steps I’d take toward founding a groundbreaking green news organization — now with more than 2 million readers a month and counting.

So what do you say? Will you support the dreams of that kid up there with a gift to Grist?

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