What do you get when you combine a detention rat, a Junior Statesman of America, and an orchestra geek?

You get the inaugural class of Grist fellows.

At 15, Eve listened to Rage Against the Machine to get pumped for Math League (and frequent run-ins with security guards); Samantha took a break from cleaning her oboe to climb Denali; and Amber was too busy swooning over her first love and perfecting her Barbara Boxer impression to think about much else.

We might have chosen different paths (and hairstyles), but we all ended up at Grist — which is turning 15 this year — because we wanted to be part of a green site that speaks to everyone.

No matter what crowd you run in, everyone has a stake in the future of this big ol’ blue planet.

Your gift, in addition to supporting what Grist is doing today, will help fund the upbringing of bright, young storytellers like us, ensuring the future of green journalism for years to come.

Please help us out with a gift of $15 and we’ll induct you into the coolest clique of all: our heroes.