You’ve probably heard that ex-EPA chief Christie Todd Whitman was up on the hill on Monday, defending herself against accusations that she misled New Yorkers about the dangers of air pollution following the 9/11 attacks. It was about what you’d expect: despite an EPA Inspector General report containing definitive proof that Whitman was logrolled by the White House, she stuck to repeating the same platitudinous defenses she’s trotted out ever since, including this, the last resort of every scoundrel in this administration:

“There are indeed people to blame,” Whitman said. “They are the terrorists who attacked the United States, not the men and women at all levels of government who worked heroically to protect and defend this country.”

Barf. But that wasn’t even the worst. How about this:

“Was it wrong to try get the city back on its feet as quickly as possible in the safest way possible? Absolutely not… We weren’t going to let the terrorists win,” she said, which led to catcalls from the crowd.

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Catcalls barely cover it.

It’s really astounding, this crew’s congenital inability to accept any responsibility for anything. Who removed their moral compasses? The terrorists?

Josh Marshall has more.

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