Much has been made in recent weeks of Sen. James Inhofe’s increasingly unhinged statements on global warming. He’s hired a long-time movement hack, Marc Morano, to attack journalists and scientists that attempt to tell the truth about global warming (without falsehoods as "balance"). Now Inhofe’s out calling Al Gore "full of crap," claiming the IPCC was based on "one scientist," and saying recent science has shown global warming to be a "hoax."

Why would a prominent U.S. Senator be out telling such flagrant lies — lies even the White House and most far-right commentators have distanced themselves from?

Is he just a loon?

No, Inhofe’s affliction is much more pedestrian. Here’s all you need to know about why he says what he says:

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The top industries supporting James M. Inhofe are:

1 Oil & Gas $311,208
2 Electric Utilities $180,907
3 Retired $145,771
4 General Contractors $116,611
5 Leadership PACs $100,347
6 Lobbyists $99,741
7 Lawyers/Law Firms $95,372
8 Commercial Banks $79,925
9 Health Professionals $77,550
10 Building Materials & Equipment $75,267
11 Air Transport $75,069
12 Insurance $72,171
13 Automotive $63,250
14 Misc Finance $61,500
15 Defense Aerospace $60,500
16 Real Estate $58,555
17 Business Services $53,766
18 Mining $52,600
19 Pro-Israel $49,300
20 Chemical & Related Manufacturing $47,010

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