EcoBrits have begun a “Click for the Climate” campaign, asking the U.K. public to make a small lifestyle change in honor of National Science Week (March 10-19). Apparently, “Prime Minister Tony Blair will be turning down his thermostat, world record holder Colin Jackson will be taking the train, and Sir David Attenborough will be unplugging his mobile charger.” Wo0t!

The BBC has set up a “Have Your Say” forum on the campaign, asking readers to leave comments on how they plan to change their lifestyle — and the results are pretty amusing: “How about increasing death, take away all medication, and get rid of all people over the age of 60?” Ha!

I’m more interested, though, to find out what all you Gristmill readers think.

What will you do to reduce carbon dioxide emissions? Will you make a change to your lifestyle? Do you already try to limit your personal effect on the environment? What can you personally do to limit climate change? Or do you think you can’t make any difference anyway?

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Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.