Echoing recent concerns of the U.S. military, the British Ministry of Defense has stepped up its opposition to some wind power projects due to concerns over turbines’ impact on radar installations. The Ministry of Defense has lately objected to at least four proposed wind farms claiming they’d cause radar troubles; wind farm proponents fear more such opposition in the future. The agency’s turbine-averse stance is based on a recent study that found wind farms sited close to radar installations could make it impossible to detect aircraft and could be a threat to national security. “The MoD trial results were alarming as they confirmed a greater impact than that previously thought,” said squadron leader Chris Breedon. “This in turn required a more robust approach to wind turbine assessments.” Even before the recent report, the U.K. military voiced opposition to wind turbines on the same grounds, fearing radar troubles. The agency said it won’t impose an all-around ban on wind farms but that it would evaluate applications on a case-by-case basis.