Green RVs Are Not an Oxymoron

When you see a school-bus-sized RV trundling down the road, “eco-friendly” is not the first thought that comes to mind. Surely these beasts are guzzling gas and trailing pollution? Not necessarily so, says a small and growing group of enviros. Even without modifications, an RV dweller uses less energy that an average house dweller, since there is less space to heat or cool (and RVs often travel with the seasons to kinder temperatures), the owner is more directly in touch with the waste cycle (we’ll leave it at that), and the vehicles are often parked for months at a time. Some folks, however, are making RVs even greener, retrofitting them to run on vegetable oil, adding insulation, replacing interior fixtures and decorations with eco-friendly alternatives, using composting toilets and solar panels, and generally creating mobile renewable-energy showcases. With the right modifications, say enthusiasts, RV dwellers can enjoy all the amenities of modern living with a vastly smaller ecological — not to mention financial — footprint. And as a bonus, they get to travel whenever the urge strikes.