The $40,000 matching grant that’s fueling our Haiku Hullabaloo runs out at midnight tonight, and with it, our fundraiser. We know what you’re thinking: “Thank GAWD.” Believe us, we’re relieved too. You think it’s easy writing oodles of witty haiku-themed headlines? We don’t do it for our health. We do it because we rely on your generosity to stay afloat. We think our work is worth something, and we hope you do too. So send us a few bucks — or better yet, sign up to make regular donations so you don’t have to struggle with the guilt every time a new fundraiser comes along. And if you’re a poet and you know it, write us a haiku, too — and watch next week for the finalists in our hotly anticipated haiku T-shirt contest. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming, namely, all the environmental news and commentary you need, in one free, handy email. Hugs and kisses to those who’ve given already!