In Cambridge, Mass., a flock of geese were trying to cross the road. Apparently, the chicken was on vacation. (Which, according to Google, really is the best available punchline for “Why did the goose cross the road?”) Unlike chickens, who are professionals, the geese were having a hard time with this task. Luckily, a nice man on a bike came along and helped them.

Reddit user cheesedanish93, who posted the picture above, gave some more details:

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Also, the bag on his handle bars was filled with bread, and he fed them after leading them back into the park….

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It was so cool though, there was all this traffic and the geese kept getting closer and closer to being hit by cars, and I tried to shoo them but they wouldn’t move. I was so worried they’d get hit, but then this guy came out of fucking no where and they followed him. There were about 30 more behind him, but I only took that picture. I yelled thank you to him, but he was too concerned with his “babies” :)

This sort of caper doesn’t always go so well, the Huffington Post points out. In 2009, a geese-saving samaritan received a jaywalking ticket for his good work. And a police officer leading goslings across the highway got attacked by their mother. But this bike-riding guy probably had the right idea with the bread: It could probably work to mollify both angry mama geese and angry cops.