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Articles by Adam Browning

Adam Browning is the executive director of Vote Solar.

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Actor Mark Ruffalo is taking a break from playing a big, green superhero in the movies to talking about something bigger and greener happening in New York: new solar policy.

With rising electricity needs, plenty of sunshine, and a local workforce primed for jobs, New York has what it takes to lead the nation’s solar economy. But the state’s existing policies have installed just over 100 megawatts of solar to date. By comparison, their neighbors in New Jersey have more than six times that amount.

After nearly three years of hard work – lawmakers in Albany are just steps away from passing legislation that would unleash thousands of megawatts of local solar and make New York a real solar powerhouse. And now we’re racing against time to get it done before they break for the summer. Mark Ruffalo is helping us call on New Yorkers to speak up in support.

Now it turns out that New York solar actually has quite a lot in common with a certain comic book character that Mark so winningly portrayed, which for copyright reasons we’ll call “The Shmincredible Shmulk.” Both are incredibly powerful. Both make the world a safer place. And both are j... Read more

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    I recently turned 401.  But I didn’t start feeling old until this weekend — because that’s when I started yelling at newspapers2. On Saturday, the New York Times published a lurid, sneering, over-the-top piece on renewable energy that was riddled with errors and really missed the forest for the trees.  We’ve prepared a document rebutting […]

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