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Articles by Amelia Bates

Amelia Bates is Grist's assistant art director and emoji commander-in-chief. Follow her on Twitter.

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane. We’re going back to the year 2013. I had just graduated from art school and found myself despairing over finding a full-time job as an artist. As luck would have it, some of the farmers I volunteered with in Wisconsin started referencing Grist. A writer who worked for Grist had recently interviewed some of the farmers, and they encouraged me to check out Grist’s work.

Talk about a fresh website! I discovered the Grist dream team used original illustrations on their site, not just boring stock photos. This takes talent and time, folks, and I often wonder if donors realize their contributions support my work as well. (Oh yeah, we’re back in the present-day, and I do those illustrations now — wink, wink).

It’s true — your donation not only supports our writers but the incredibly gifted art team as well. You know all those attention-grabbing images you see on our site? Hi! That’s us. So thank you for supporting my dream of finding a full-time art job. You’re making my family proud.

Here’s my reality: When you work for an environmental media organization, you are constantly inundated with tough news about the state of our plane... Read more

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