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Articles by Diana Kruzman

Diana Kruzman is an award-winning journalist reporting on religion, the environment, and urbanism. She is Grist’s former Midwest Correspondent and her writing can be seen in Undark, the New York Times, Vice, the Christian Science Monitor, and Religion News Service.

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On a clear, bright day in March, a few dozen people gathered in Parliament Square in central London, many of them wearing green T-shirts and carrying signs emblazoned with the words “Save Soil.” They were there to see an Indian spiritual leader named Sadhguru, who was about to set off on a 13,000-mile motorcycle journey through Europe, the Middle East, and India in a bid to raise awareness of a growing problem: the widespread loss and degradation of the world’s soils. 

In front of a statue of Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, flanked by members of the British Parliament and India’s high commissioner to the United Kingdom, Sadhguru proclaimed that the future looked grim: Without healthy soil, it would become increasingly difficult to grow food, an issue he’s previously warned would lead to mass starvation and civil war. But now, he said, humanity has a chance for redemption, if people all around the world call on their governments to protect soil. 

“Soil is one aspect where everybody has to come together, because all of us come from the same soil... Read more

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