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The Heartland Institute’s 14th International Conference on Climate Change, which took place this past weekend at Las Vegas’ comically opulent Caesars Palace, is named to mislead the casual observer into thinking it’s a legitimate event. But in reality, events during the conference included jaw-droppers such as a discussion of “the supposed justification for a rapid transition to expensive and unreliable ‘green’ energy,” a session on “how to oppose woke capital, activist investors, and financial regulators [sic] efforts to cancel traditional energy,” and what promises to be a rousing interrogation into “the scientific method, and how the United Nations’ reports repeatedly violate it.”

The idea of these conversations happening alongside rows of Buffalo Gold Revolution slot machines brings to mind feminist artist Barbara Kruger’s famous and oft-repeated epithet, “a ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers.” It is really too easy to ridicule people who are so cynically and wilfully blind to reality that they can look around at the burning West and flooding South and say, “Nothing has to change here!” Climate denial, stated that blatantly, reads more like malice in ... Read more

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