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Gabrielle is a Renaissance scholar and graduate of USC, where she also received a master's in Specialized Journalism. Her work has appeared in LA Weekly, the Huffington Post, and Pacifica Radio. Connect with her on Twitter.

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This story was originally published by The Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. 

California has witnessed its three driest years on record and the drought shows no signs of abating, officials said on Monday. The dry spell set the stage for catastrophic wildfires and has strained water resources and caused conflicts over usage.

“We are actively planning for another dry year,” said Jeanine Jones, drought manager for the state’s department of water resources, who was discussing California’s status at the conclusion of its water year, which ended September 30.

This water year saw record rainfall in October and the driest January-to-March period in at least a century. Even these deluges, which at times produced flooding and debris flows, were not enough to combat the state’s dry spell. Drought-stricken landscapes do better with soft wetting rains than they do with surges, and it will take more than a few winter storms to ameliorate California’s water shortages.

Fueled by the climate crisis, which will both worsen dry conditions and spur stronger storms, this weather whiplash is lik... Read more

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